Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rise of the Ghannian Metro - Sexual

Wow - CHANGE the word of Last year this Year and the Year to come - Well in Ghana the men have really changed. A couple of years ago a drive through the principle streets of Accra would no doubt have left you thinking you were in a rap video of the must thugish rugish rapper but no this is AFRICA specifically the capital of Ghana. So whats my point? Well for a long time the fashion sense of the Ghanaian male was grossly informed but the black american rapper and the clothes, jewellrey and shoes that made apperances in their videos.

OhHHHH how times have changed I got the shock of my life when i moved to Ghana an noted with curiosity that there has been an ''all change'' as professed on the london tube. Baggy pants (or jeans if you may) are out and tight scrotum hugging skinny jeans are in
Bling,Gold and Diamonds are out and rosary's,wooden and plastic African beads are in
The basket ball jersey and fitted hat have been replaced with the fedora and button up, and mind you not any button up will do - criteria 1 it must be tight 2 if possible it must have a profound colour and the ultimate - if possible it must be a UK designer,,,,,,,,,,, hmmmmmm did you just say UK yep I did UK as in LONDON TOWN yep

Yeah i know you must be saying is this the same Ghana you know, the same Ghana in which a couple of years ago anyone with the streamlined UK look was categorized as GAY CHICHI ANTIMAN etc etc - YEP as i said this is the year for Change.

No more nike airforce 1's, now its strictly plimsoles or converses and it u really have the largent why dont u throw in some prada or gucci.

From the surface it may seem like the Ghanaian metrosexual has arrived and this movement my be spearheaded by chaps such us Kweku T or Chris Attoh but in reality I think the country is just going though another phase of mimicking and aping what they see in videos the only difference is that Lil Wayne has exchanged his xxxxxxxllll White T - Shirt for a nicely fitted Stussy t and his supper baggy rocawear jeans for skinny fit true religion jeans and so my brothers with the HERD mentality follow blindly.

I applaud people like Kweku t for introducing African jewelery for men into the scene however I am of the impression that are youth are so blinded by the lights that they have stifled their inner creativity and ability to st trends that are indigenous to their environment rather than to simply Follow the ''leader'' .

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Jeena Effoe said...

And ooooooooo how I love the Gh man in nice fitting clothing! JEEZ...... it is my taste! Chaiiiiiiii