Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kayobi Clothing - First Radio interview

Hi folks. Guess what? lol I got my first radio interview with Ms naa on Ghana's new Urban Youth radio staion on Monday 23rd of March 2009 from 9 am onwards.
I will be giving away free shirts and bags during the show so dont miss out . PEACE

Here is a profile of Ms Naa and here show is on every week day from 6 am until 10 am
Check out here Clothing line here:
Name: Naa Adzorkor Addo

Date of birth: July 11th

Religion: Spiritual Being

Interest: Mind my business and leaving yours alone, music, making money finding peace.

Food: I will spend my last money on sushi…….matter of fact I am looking for a sushi chef to marry …. (Call me :)

Favorite Quote: YOU CAN KICK ROCKS!!!!!

What best describes my character: Definitions don’t work for me…….so let’s just say I fit under the category ‘’miscellaneous’ ‘in a world where classification is key ,I’m just me…

Paraphrased from: STACEYANA CHIN.

Ms. Naa formally known as Triple S, The Super Soul Sister is……some say a sweetheart, others say nothing and simply shake their heads…..She chooses to define herself as creative energy, a loose cannon, the girl your parents’ use as a bad example of a lady, a rebel in every sense of the word, somewhat of a loner but sure to make you feel welcomed when in her presence if you don’t rub her the wrong way. The New York University Film and Television graduate, with a passion for film editing is not a novice to the radio game. She had her radio debut in 97’ and worked as an on air personality until she left to further her education.

Now back on the block, she is more than conquering the radio world on her to-do list. Very rarely at a loss for words, she is sure to have you either deep in thought or clutching at your sides with laughter as she wakes up each and every weekday morning on YFM.

Make sure you tune in ‘cos it is guaranteed to be an EXPERIENCE

This song make me happy - Look ma shoe by AYISOBA et al


Wanlov dancing with ngozi

Ghana at the Movies

Its always nice when u see an African in a major blockbuster or something African - I was watching a movie the other day which stared Wesley Snipes 'THE ART OF WAR 2: BETRAYAL' and came across these remixed ADINKRA symbols.How come we as Ghanaians hardly incorporate such images into our movies.

here is the synopsis of the movie.