Friday, March 06, 2009

A Nation without Heroes - Ghana Independence Day

On our 52 nd Independence Anniversary I am sad to say that the fervor usually associated with such days has to a large extent escaped me or if I may be blunt I really could not give a toss this year. Why you may ask - well mainly because I believe I live in a country that honors mediocrity, a politics of patronage instead of merit and a nation that believes in the easy way out. Please don't get me wrong I am not one of those Ghana bashers and I am a patriotic son of this nation however my observations how let me come to the conclusion that we as a nation are quite good at being very dependent and to are large extent we render or political independence worthless with our need for dependence on others.

We seem to need someone to tell us that pure water will literally engulf our nation in 12 years and than we would need a loan from a European country t clean up our mess, w depend on even tooth pics from china, we depend on relatives for everything even jobs that we are absolutely qualified for and woe be tide you in case there is a government change then you have t depend on your connections in the opposing parties to ensure that you do not proceed on leave or (in my case) to get you reinstated. So why do we need to always need to depend instead of being independent.

My simple answer is that were are a nation of followers and not leaders and any nation filled with followers is a nation without Heroes. it is sad that a majority of the people in this nation including myself do not really know who the real heroes and sheroes in this country are and if we do not know who they are then how can he create new ones and move our country froward (no pun intended). Put who do I blame when our television sets of full of juju orientated Ghana and Nigerian films, Telenovelas that perpetuate an alien culture and reinforces certain supremacist stereotypes.

No i aint got nothing against foreign material on ur media but why should we be always dependent on someones work when we have not created our own. if we cannot even have cartoons with black people made and shown on or tv's everyday for our kids then we have no right showing them brain numbing content that have no use in making them independent and proud thinkers who one day will be the HEROES in a Nation without HEROES.


Nii Amon said...

I think that there needs to be a serious commitment to excellence from each Ghanaian in whatever they find themselves doing. The rest will follow.

KOB said...

Thanks for your comment Nii - I totally agree with you - we are all responsible