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Does your environment mould u?

I have been thinking for a while about conditions (both social and economic) under which young black men grow and how these factors affect their abilities to utilize opportunities given to them and how their sense o identity is molded.

When ever i travel i try my best to get an understanding of the conditions, attitudes and economic standing of black people in different countries. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Holland, France,Turkey,America,Spain,Grew up in Ghana,Lived in the UK. In all these countries i have tried to figure out the frame of mind of the Black communities and their economic or social standing.

This is a break down of the varying impressions i had in the different countries.These are generalizations and should be treated us such.I shall naturally begin with Ghana.

Ghana - Black men have the blessing of growing up without an inferiority complex because its a black nation, however mass media portrayal of the west us heaven and a consumer 'bling' culture promoted by hip hop has molded the perceptions of the youth to move away from tradition and embrace anything western.An increase in nationalism due to 50 years of Independence and qualification of the 2006 world cup has led to a better acceptance of being African and from Ghana.

Future Prospects:If more young men stay and develop the country instead of always dreaming of the West us heaven and copying arbitrary cultures that support opposing economic markets (eg multi - million clothing companies vrs local clothing companies),then the brain - drain that is to a large extent voluntary as a result of conditioning to believe that one cannot thrive in Africa with certain specialized degrees or expertise will be reversed. If the nation can fight against the notion of negativity portrayed by western media about Africa and create and promote their own reality through their own media and the internet then the tide can be reversed.

? - For nations like Ghana changing the frame of minds of people can start with something as simple a creating cartoons by black people for black people and catered to condition black children to believe in themselves. We need to create, reinterpret and re brand our legends and heroes in all sectors of our society. When a nation relies on using something so basic as cartoons from another country to entertain and educate their children then from the onset they condition them to look for more content from that source. We have to be our own source. Do you think GI JOE was created for entertainment (lol) - Go figure - they all have dual purposes.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


whats up folks - writing this from a ''mansion' in alpine in New Jersey with all the inspiration and brains around me I have come to the realisation that i have been slippin with my blog, my jobs prospects and my dreams. When one wakes up to this reality, then one needs to ask God for guidance - something which i have not been doing lately.I need to get my priorities straight. Being in America over thanksgiving and going to New York where everyone is on their grind seems to have reignited a fire in me to strive to achieve my dreams. Don't slip on yours - Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All the Killing

There is so much gun violence but there is an answer - JESUS
this track is HOT and explains my point

Flame - goodness to repentance

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Burger King Fight

I chanced upon these two chaps one sunday after church sort of play fighthing infront of burger king in notting hill gtae. This was in full glare of the public and was hilarious - hope you enjoy.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


I would like to welcome Fred D JNR to the Ghana Hype Family. He was my Junior at GIS and he had a fair amount of hassle from me (apologies) but I believe he has a bright future and allot to offer for a young man with business aspirations and positive motivational messages. As it would be evident from his first post our still are different (lol)but I hope the readers can enjoy his posts and see where he is coming from. Thanks for taking up the offer. God Bless You in the name of Jesus.

P.s there is going to be bumper post over the weekend in commemoration of Black History Month in the UK

Stay Blessed

Thursday, October 18, 2007

''Bitch'' moves...haters....saints..

u ever seen that scene off boyz in the hood..where cuba gooding junior comes home late to see his chic nia long...and he is so frustrated he is crying and swinging the air? swingin and muttering and crying and sobbing..if u have no emotions or jus walked in he looks retarded...

but i am guilty of swingin at the air toolately...ive been very pensive..i always think but have been very very very pensive..

i read the news and watch tv...and study people..and spend time alone and battle my demons...and wonder...what's going on?

these have been highlights on the news both local and int'l the last week

man in ghana shot outside nite club

ghanaian youth shot and killed in the US

two police officers gang rape 14 year old child

man rapes 3 year old girl

it goes on and on and on and on..i don't want to depress u jus giving u the news here...ive been thinkin..and battlin somethin the lsat 3 weeks...its called the HATER..who is the hater? the hater is someone who hates u..who tries to pull u down..or shake u..or deter u...the person picks at ur weaknesses...and sometimes even at ur strengths and then tries to ruin ur reputation or ur mojo or ur relationship wit a significant other...

up until 3 weeks ago i didnt know i had haters..well i kno i had ppl who disliked me..but A HATER?

human behaviour never ceases to amaze me. Have you ever had someone dislike you for no paticular reason? I'm sure you have...well at least i have. The security officers at Lincoln community school, the former GIS head of pe department, Ashesi lectureres...the don't even know me like that....

However, i must have done something wrong to piss them off..right? Either way, the correct thing to do would be to approach me in a polite manner to address my fault. This is contstructive and even if nothing postivie results out of it, i would respect them for having the testicular fortitude( thank you Mankind of WWF fame) for approaching me.

Instead we have haters, fake people, enemies of progress who watch you at a distance, lurking in the darkness where they blend in so well...watching and waiting for you to fail. Sometimes they even go out of their way to make sure you fail. Like the devil manipulating Eve to ge to Adam, knowing Adam couldn't resist Eve..a person conjured from his own ribs...

These guys..instigatiors are punks but there are people even lower than them.I was recently introduced to this new elite group of scum. This new category characterizes of people or persons who say are your friends..maybe even on your facebook friend's list ..yet go as far as to from aliases( such as Watch Out or...Beware of Fred) and badmouth you anonymously. I personally have almost 500 'friends' on facebook so i don't know which one of my 'friends' has been doin this for the last 3 weeks..

It was what i like to call ' a BITCH MOVE''

I am human, and i make in and day out...the same ones...over and over again..but guess what? so do u..hater or lover...If you are not goiong to be helpful...leave the judging to God...

I listened to a gospel song on repeat this morning...'we all fall down' by donnie mcclurkinThe words ' a saint is just a sinner who fell rise again' resonated in my ears...We all fall down but is it fair for someone to attack us when we are down..?

There is alread a lot of negativity in this world and people have their own individual battles so why the need and the surplus of haters when they are not in the demand?In reference to the recent shootings of a popular dude in Ghana...

Anybody can pick up a gun and take a person life, but it takes a real man to put his fists up go punch for punch with an adversary...

RIP Darren

RIP Osafo..

Victims of ANOTHER bitch move..

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Here are the pictures from My Birthday dinner organised by the Lovely Lazenya. Sorry for all those who were not invited she did not know everyone. Thanks for everyone who cam you made my day especially Kareem and co who came all the way.
Thanks and stay blessed

You can control how the slide by putting the mouse on the pictures and changing the settings.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

African Wax Prints (click here for article)

I have been doing some research on African wax prints and its incorporation into some products I am planning for the the future. i came across an interesting interview that I thought you guys should see.Enjoy

Also attached a some pictures of a Textile exhibition I saw a couple of months ago at the British Museum.

Check out the interview

Date Posted: 4/24/2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Notting Hill carnival 2007 Part 1

Here are the first pictures from the Carnival.
Enjoy and please let me know what you think.
Click Thumbnails to see pictures

Friday, August 24, 2007

Reverend Jesse Jackson Snr calls me OUT!!!!!!

The Reverend Jesse Jackson Snr. the renowned civil rights leader literally called me out on the london leg (Tuesday 22) of the UK tour with Equanomics UK at Westminster Central Hall.
A write up on the whole event and the 'calling' will be updated soon with pictures and all.

Stay Clicking.
God willing I will also be covering part of this years Carnival.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whats going ON?

Things have been a bit slow around here, but we should be moving on soon with some new interviews and some events and a write-up on Assimilation and Multicultralism.
Will also be focusing more on the joys of living in London and the things I see on a daily basis.

What to do?
If you are around london you might want to check out the following events:
*Ghana Vs Senegal International friendly on 21st August at The Den, Millwall

*The Reverend Jesse Jackson Snr. the renowned civil rights leader who worked alongside Martin Luther King; was the first Black presidential candidate and is now heading the Rainbow Push Coalition in the USA will conduct a UK tour with Equanomics UK from the 20th August to 26th August this year.
Register online:
The Economics of Colour: London
August 22nd, 2007 6:00 PM-08:30 PM
Westminster Central Hall
The Sanctuary
United Kingdom

Notting Hill Carnival
Aug 26-27
The August bank holiday is given over to a crowd partying like there's no tomorrow as people enjoy the spectacle of the floats and soak up the music of steel bands, reggae and the many sound systems along the three-mile route. Sunday is Children's Day, with an emphasis on families and younger festival goers.

Carnival gospel party
with gkreal, salsa and the 230 Band
Saturday 25th,26.27 August
Kensington Temple is based in Notting Hill Gate. Its on the circle line and has easy access via buses from anywhere in Greater london and Central London.
Hopefully I willbe grilling some meat outside my church just like last year.
Please come and enjoy the free concerts.

Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill Gate
W11 3BY
Warhol v Banksy
Until Sep 1 The Hospital, 24 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9HQ

Zaha Hadid
Critics' Choice
Until Nov 25 Design Museum, 28 Butlers Wharf, Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YD

'Popular Painting' from Kinshasa - I have seen this and its amazing
Until Mar 31 2008 Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG
features, among others, self-taught artist Chéri Samba who has been documenting and satirising the absurdities of life in the Congo for over 30 years.

Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan
Until Oct 21 British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG
Celebration of the last 50 years of the 'Japan Traditional Arts Crafts Exhibition' with 112 works in ceramics, textiles, lacquer, metalwork, wood, glass and dolls

Larry Achiampong (Ghana Boy doing it BIG)
Until Sep 14 198 Gallery, 198 Railton Road, SE24 0LU
Work about social hierarchies by a Slade MA sculpture student

I will try to go to as many of these events as possible to let you know what I think.
I hope all is well. PEACE and God BLESS U.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ONLY IN GHANA (click here)

Check these pictures out,they seem really funny at first but on the real the devil messes with our mind and makes us do stupid things when we feel there is no way out but with JESUS there is always a way out.

Comment about POST:
Anonymous said...

LOL Only in Ghana...
I wonder where more African men commit suicide? In the UK or in Africa? Anyway lets just sweep it under the carpet over here... Or blame the devil... Yes blame the devil... Thats what we have been taught to do... lmao...

Remember that show I told you about? Well here is a small clip...

11:19 PM

My response
Dude how come you dont attach your name to your posts because it will be nice to know who I am addressing this to. Yes i did watch the clip and no I do not remember talking to you about it.The heading was just a figure of speech and should not be taking literally. You ask some good questions because the incedence of mental illness within the black community in the UK is disproportinately high and may be (not sure)less in Africa?This is correlated with the high number of Black people who are put in mentaly institutions.It is a serious topic which should be looked at and as you said should not be swept under the carpet.

Regarding the Bondocks clip - this poses some good questions about the acceptability of Jesus to Black people because of his colour.My answer to that is that its not about his colour but his blood that washed away my sins. Under the new covenant with God there is no bonded man, Jew or Greek or African for that matter. The clip however to an extent reinforces the steroytypes about black people ie. stupid, obsessed with the N word, gun crazy etc etc.However I guess it trys to address serious and touchy issues from the perspective of a Hiphop orientated culture without seeming to be on a crusade or without being too serious.
Thanks for the Post and stay blessed.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ghana Picnic 2007 Pictures

Folks i did go to the Ghana picnic but unfortuantely i could not spread the word or recruit anyone to help me with the Blog.

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The pictures are organised in order of
1) a t-shirt i designed but could not wear cause the spray paint I used was toxic (dumb huh)
2)Cultral display at picnic
3)Fashion show
4)The fight for CHICINGA Ghana(KEBAB)
5) Boys Boys dancing to Gaou and the Alhaji TRACK
6)Tinny in Concert - I missed T-blaze and Tic Tac
7) Some old friends I bumped into
8) A view into my FLAT
STAY blessed
P.s They look better in full screen


Sorry folks it has taken a while for me to put up this post I been busy and work and trying to restructure my life to make it more Christ like - its hard getting rid of the secret sins in your life but through Christ I know I will be VICTORIOUS.

OK enough about my life lets talks concerts.( you can click on pictures for full image)
Last week Friday (6:20) I found my self in the heartland of East London not quite sure what to anticipate from relative newcomers to UK Gospel Hip-Hop scene but I was definitely looking forward to performances from 4 kornerz (GRADUATES) andCommision (2nd Year undergrads).


The was a lengthy wait at the KICC reception during which time Igot familiar with what G-FORCE were about with the aid of Gospel Link MagazineGL which featured the group on last months cover. To be honest with you I did not know much about this group, it was a free concert and you know how our folks love FREENESS. The article was aight;I found out that G- Force was short for God's Force and that a member of the group was the son of Pastor Ashimolowo. This obviously tainted my perception of the group (were they rally good) or were they just jumping on the band wagon of a famous Pastor and Church, soon all this was revealed when the doors were open (7:20) leading to a scramblefor seats by teenagers (mostly female). One impressive thing about the function was the large input of youth in ushering and in the helping of setting up the stage etc - obviouslythe church's ministry was doing a good job in engaging this age group.


The MC
At 8:00 pm on the dot the MC or if you will compeer took the stage which was aptly designed to reflect a construction site, hence keeping with the G-FORCE album title DESTROY (flesh) and REBUILD (through CHRIST).

Unknown to me the MC was Simply Andy a fellow Ghana man who definitely brought the house down with his quick with and commentary about AFRICANS. He also made me more comfortable (joke) in an environment that resembled little NIJAFEST.

Church on Fire
Fist to storm the stage were the ever talented4 Kornerz, and boy did these Nija Boys keep it real with a three piece set which was full of sick instrumentation, genuine praise hyped up energy and true showmanship coupled with on point voices, that definitely left the punters crying out for more(definitely cop the album). I will just let the PICS speak for themselves.

(Who can spot SIMPLY ANDY)

Up next were a group of young folks by the name of AMBASSODORS with an excellent ministry of spreading the gospel through dance and they definitely brought it. (Keep it up)

During the intermission I gathered some courage and approached two (Vidal - drums) and (Daniel - Vocals) of the 4 brothers from 4kornerz(Deji - Lead Singerand TJ - Key, Vocals and Production) for a quick word about their music and ministry and what a pleasant surprise they were.
These guys were pleasant and told me that the focal point of their music was to spread their music and most importantly the Gospel to all Four Corners of the World.
They reaffirmed their commitment to continue making and performing music full time. I wish them the best. If you get a chance to see them live please do, becausethey are serious.

the Main Event
G-Force took the stage after the intermission to the delight of their numerous fans
Dressed in full construction gear they invaded the staged with a full band who tore it up) and three vocalist who at times outshone the group. They definitely delivered what their fans wanted - gritty track with continuousflows full of metaphors and numerous punch lines galores.These guys definitely had energy and some 'street' decent track but I wasnt sure their music was top notch until after a wardrobe change into suits (quite professional) during which time Mark Asari and the band entertained the masses with his smooth voice.
Mark Asari performing 

A suited G-force came back on stage to deliver a Mark Asari produced track by the name of LOVE.

These tracks was definitely top notch well produced and biblically sound in putting forward the message of relationships and love in Gods eyes without sounding cheesy and the ladies definitely loved it.

After the slow down an up-tempo end to the night was definitelyrequired and G-Force did not disappoint, with the help of one part of Commission Tope Icie, Faith Child, Victizzle (affiliate and producer) dropped a serious track called COALITION CHECK IT OUT . The place was definitely HYPED

With more Bangers from their album they goy everyoneon their feet and dancing

Andy Bussin some MOVES

The night was finished of in Prayer and I got a quick word with Mark Asari, Simply Andy and Commissions Tope Icie, unfortunately I could not speak to G-FORCE. After going through their security (friends) and asking a church usher I was told to join the line for people buying CD's. Here Iwas told that since I was told that I could not have quick word because they were busy, I persisted and got to the table where I asked Once of the group if I could have a quick word, he was not impressed and asked me where I had come from I told him Manor House and he replied they could not speak to me.
So all I got was some picks of G- FORCE selling CDS

Mark Asari
I felt this young man was humble and has a bright future his performance on the night was 'live' and judgingfrom speaking with him if he puts his eyes on God he should go far.

Tope Icie One part of Commission Tope also seemed like a cool dude with his focus on spreading the word of God. He told me his brother was at Uni and he was holding the fort for the day. He stated that thegroup was created in 2004 and currently had their EP out and are slowing down to put character before their music and to grow spiritually. Watch out for a DVD soon.

Last but not least Simply ANDY This brother id down to earth and a jack of all trades building a t-shirt empire of the back of his sick track BIBLES BIBLES DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREEEEEEEEE.
He brought down the house withhis jokes and is on a mission to bring light hearted side to Gospel Hip-Hop. Keep your eyes peeled for Andrew Kwabena Apraku and his fiancé (manager) for better things in the future.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sickle Cell Petition

Please sign this petition urgently as adults
(aged over 18) affected by sickle cell disease are not entitled to
free prescription whilst people with diabetes, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis etc which are also long term medical conditions are entitled to free prescription.
It has only 200 odd signatures and we need the rule changed.

Thanks it only takes a minute

Shortcut to:
Updates on the concert and picnic will be up soon

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ghana Picnic 2007

Ghana HYPE will be at this function taking pictures, mini interviews and talking about JESUS - C U THERE