Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kwabena goes to social Media week Lagos

I will be taking part in Social Media Week Lagos on the Change Makers panel with Gabrielle Smith Roxanne L. Scott & Patrica Patton For me this is really special i have always wanted to travel to another African country, as embarrassing as it sounds i have travelled the world but have not been to any African country aside from Ghana. 2013 is the year this changes. So when this opportunity came i grabbed it with both hands. I could not start with any better city than Lagos. In my head i think i know what Nigeria looks feels and smells like but i hope to be blown away by the bustling people. I also hope to meet some cool Nigerians and build. As Nkrumah said Africa must Unite - One small trip for Kwabena One big step for Africa. 
Who’s coming to Lagos?
About the Panel 
Kayobi creative director Kwabena Oppong Boateng will be on the panel and will be bringing his experience with kayobi, Ghana Decides and Nkanee to the table. Are you in Lagos? Will you be attending?  Follow the conversation on twitter hashtag #smwchangemakers