Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The Saga of the Returnee
Whats good is been long and its all because when in Ghana do as the Ghana -man - so i have been feasting over the festive season, enjoyed the comforts of life without bills, taken a tro - tro (video will be uploaded soon) (public bus) drove a Benz and been totally frustrated by things that i expect to be normal. Ghana is a paradox which i sum up with this phrase 'everything has changed but nothing has changed' - Regarding things changing I have been able to easily access the Internet from my phone without issues but found it hard (more expensive) to hook up Internet at home. There are loads of new roads and developments however the old roads that were previously good have been neglected. What is weired is that for example if i left a sack of sand by the road side 5 years ago when i left Ghana the same bag will be at the exact spot a new road will have been constructed around the bag but no one will see this bag as an alien object.So yes the country (parts that i have seen so far) is developing how ever this form of development is not linear or necessarily progressive or uniform but to a large extent haphazard but at least it has begun.

P.s the SUN IS NICE but can be OPPRESSIVE
Take care god bless and Pray for me