Tuesday, May 08, 2007

To Chew or not to Chew

From Starred Photos

The local Laundromat has over the years become the centre where drug addicts come to get their fix (abuse).
This is a conversation with a Somalian man who is hooked on Khat a leaf that is chewed around here by a large Somalian population in the UK. The drug is legal in the UK but illegal in America.

I have seen loads of people under the influence of this drug with some people acting normal whilst chewing it(except for the spitting of the nasty green residue) but what I fear is the effect the drug has on people who are totally addicted and display psychotic and junkie tendencies. The man in the video has been seen on occasions by me pacing up and down the streets in a dazed manner and sometimes sleeping rough around the den where the drug is sold.

What do you think about Khat? Its effect and how it ties in with drug abuse from weed to alcohol.
Did God produce create these plants for medicinal purposes or abuse and would he approve of how man has utilized plants and their extracts?

On reflection I thought this video was not as funny as it seems but a sad reflection of the fall of man into sin as a result of the events in the Garden of Eden.
Please remember to pray fro people under all sorts of abuse in their lives.
Take Care.

Here are more Khat videos:

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