Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ONLY IN GHANA (click here)

Check these pictures out,they seem really funny at first but on the real the devil messes with our mind and makes us do stupid things when we feel there is no way out but with JESUS there is always a way out.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Only in Ghana...
I wonder where more African men commit suicide? In the UK or in Africa? Anyway lets just sweep it under the carpet over here... Or blame the devil... Yes blame the devil... Thats what we have been taught to do... lmao...

Remember that show I told you about? Well here is a small clip...

11:19 PM

My response
Dude how come you dont attach your name to your posts because it will be nice to know who I am addressing this to. Yes i did watch the clip and no I do not remember talking to you about it.The heading was just a figure of speech and should not be taking literally. You ask some good questions because the incedence of mental illness within the black community in the UK is disproportinately high and may be (not sure)less in Africa?This is correlated with the high number of Black people who are put in mentaly institutions.It is a serious topic which should be looked at and as you said should not be swept under the carpet.

Regarding the Bondocks clip - this poses some good questions about the acceptability of Jesus to Black people because of his colour.My answer to that is that its not about his colour but his blood that washed away my sins. Under the new covenant with God there is no bonded man, Jew or Greek or African for that matter. The clip however to an extent reinforces the steroytypes about black people ie. stupid, obsessed with the N word, gun crazy etc etc.However I guess it trys to address serious and touchy issues from the perspective of a Hiphop orientated culture without seeming to be on a crusade or without being too serious.
Thanks for the Post and stay blessed.