Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ghana Life ft. Christie Brown Couture Launch

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Here are snapshots of typical weeks in Accra
Order of Pictures
1)Some ones house nearly gets burnt because the house boy lit a fire next to tractor tires
2)Suiting up for an interview
3)Thunderstorm Storm African Style
4)Launch of Christie Brown Clothing Line by Aisha
5)Fam at home
6)Bringing little bro from school/Accra bats


Young Micheal Essien / Ghana vrs Cameroun

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Hi here are some more pictures from the just completed Can 2008
The reason for the heading 'Young Micheal Essien' stems from meeting a young man at the Accra mall autograph signing by Stephen appiah who was on a quest to reunite with his long lost friend 'Ghana's one and only Micheal Essien'. He had tried the hotel,and training grounds of the black stars with no avail and was trying his luck at the signing. I hitched a ride home with him and he showed me a picture of him and essien when they were teens in high school.

Order of pictures
1)Ghana Hype Black stars poster being held by Carlos for Stephen Appiah
2)The chap in the red t in the Car is Essiens long lost friend
3)pictures of essien and friend in High school - look closely essien is on the top row - 7th from the left and his friend is 4th from the left (the third and fourth pictures are clearest)
4)Pictures of Ghana vrs Cameroun Pre/During and Post match - the pictures of us smacking our hands to our heads simply means ''madness'' or ''abodam'' or ''head knacking'' made popular by hip life rapper kaw kessie
There was allot of head knacking when cameroun lost.

Hope you enjoy
Please let me know what u think of the site your comments help and keep us going
take care and God bless you

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stephen Appiah and John Mensah Sign Autographs at the Accra Mall/Ghana Hype and Kayobi giving away free Black Stars posters

Sorry for the late update but better late than never - Ghana's Captains - Stephen Appiah and John Mensah were at the Accra Mall since the just finished Can Ghana 2008 African Cup of Nations and Ghana Hype and Kayobi were there to take some pictures and present a framed Ghana black stars poster to Stephen.Ghana Hype in conjunction with Kayobi Lifestyles Company and Flamboart are currently giving away these limited edition posters for free - to commemorate the third position of the black stars, the launch of Ghana Hype in Ghana and the future launch of the Kayobi Clothing line. Holla at me on 0206438052 or

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More updates to follow:more Can 2008 pictures/Updates on whats going on in Christie Brown Couture launching etc

Can 2008 - Ghana VRS Nigeria in Pictures

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