Wednesday, April 04, 2007

wordsbody: Slavery - Alternative Voices

wordsbody: Slavery - Alternative Voices

Since most people know its been 200 years since the supposed abolition of the slave trade it is quite refreshing that some one 'Toyin Abegtu' has spoken out for numerous muted black people, most shamefully, black politicians in the UK on the effects of slavery and the shameful nature of the 'celebration' of the abolition. When you have ridiculous, propagandist and outwardly stereotypical and 'racist' programmes showing such as 'The Last Slave' by Channel 4 in 2007 UK then you know there is a problem. Black people in this nation need to wake up a break the mental, economic and behavioural slavery that we are still under today. Until the harsh truths of slavery are dealt with by all citizens in this nation regardless of colour or ethnicity then we will continue to have ten year old black kids being murdered, black kids underachieving in education, a skewed 'hip hop' gangster mentality that is endemic with both black and white youth today. When a society (Blacks youths in the UK) only have African American musicians and British sports men and sports women as their primary role models then you know we have a llllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg (African accent) way to go. I pray that God will cause a stir that will bring change. Believe me change is coming in this nation that has lost its morals, fails to apologise for the past organised subjugation of other races and has adopted modernity and materialism as its religion.

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