Friday, May 11, 2007

Prison vs Work

In case you ever got the two mixed up, this should make things a bit more clear...

IN spend the majority of your time in an 8x10 cell.
AT spend the majority of your time in a 6x8 cubicle.

IN get three meals a day.
AT only get a break for one meal and you pay for it.

IN get time off for good behavior.
AT get more work for good behavior.

IN PRISON...the guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you.
AT must carry around a security card and open all the doors for yourself.

IN can watch TV and play games.
AT get fired for watching TV and playing games.

IN PRISON... you get your own toilet.
AT WORK... you have to share the toilet with some people who pee on the seat.

IN PRISON...they allow your family and friends to visit.
AT can't even speak to your family.

IN PRISON...all expenses are paid by the taxpayers with no work required.
AT get to pay all the expenses to go to work and then they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for prisoners.

IN spend most of your life inside bars wanting to get out.
AT spend most of your time wanting to get out and go inside bars.

IN must deal with sadistic wardens.
AT WORK... they are called managers.


419 comes to Work

It seems no workplace or vocation is exempt from the powers of 419. lol
This was posted on my workplace website today:

Fraudulent e-mails concerning British Pharmacopoeia
The Agency has received several e-mails from overseas requesting assistance in purchasing the latest British Pharmacopoeia (BP) from countries including Benin and Nigeria. These are fraudulent attempts to obtain copies of the BP without payment. Please forward any you receive to Richard Turner in the BP Unit.


New Camera New Style

I just upgrade my camera big time. From a samsung D600 camera phone to a Nikon D40 DSLR.
Thanks be to God and Lazenya