Thursday, October 18, 2007

''Bitch'' moves...haters....saints..

u ever seen that scene off boyz in the hood..where cuba gooding junior comes home late to see his chic nia long...and he is so frustrated he is crying and swinging the air? swingin and muttering and crying and sobbing..if u have no emotions or jus walked in he looks retarded...

but i am guilty of swingin at the air toolately...ive been very pensive..i always think but have been very very very pensive..

i read the news and watch tv...and study people..and spend time alone and battle my demons...and wonder...what's going on?

these have been highlights on the news both local and int'l the last week

man in ghana shot outside nite club

ghanaian youth shot and killed in the US

two police officers gang rape 14 year old child

man rapes 3 year old girl

it goes on and on and on and on..i don't want to depress u jus giving u the news here...ive been thinkin..and battlin somethin the lsat 3 weeks...its called the HATER..who is the hater? the hater is someone who hates u..who tries to pull u down..or shake u..or deter u...the person picks at ur weaknesses...and sometimes even at ur strengths and then tries to ruin ur reputation or ur mojo or ur relationship wit a significant other...

up until 3 weeks ago i didnt know i had haters..well i kno i had ppl who disliked me..but A HATER?

human behaviour never ceases to amaze me. Have you ever had someone dislike you for no paticular reason? I'm sure you have...well at least i have. The security officers at Lincoln community school, the former GIS head of pe department, Ashesi lectureres...the don't even know me like that....

However, i must have done something wrong to piss them off..right? Either way, the correct thing to do would be to approach me in a polite manner to address my fault. This is contstructive and even if nothing postivie results out of it, i would respect them for having the testicular fortitude( thank you Mankind of WWF fame) for approaching me.

Instead we have haters, fake people, enemies of progress who watch you at a distance, lurking in the darkness where they blend in so well...watching and waiting for you to fail. Sometimes they even go out of their way to make sure you fail. Like the devil manipulating Eve to ge to Adam, knowing Adam couldn't resist Eve..a person conjured from his own ribs...

These guys..instigatiors are punks but there are people even lower than them.I was recently introduced to this new elite group of scum. This new category characterizes of people or persons who say are your friends..maybe even on your facebook friend's list ..yet go as far as to from aliases( such as Watch Out or...Beware of Fred) and badmouth you anonymously. I personally have almost 500 'friends' on facebook so i don't know which one of my 'friends' has been doin this for the last 3 weeks..

It was what i like to call ' a BITCH MOVE''

I am human, and i make in and day out...the same ones...over and over again..but guess what? so do u..hater or lover...If you are not goiong to be helpful...leave the judging to God...

I listened to a gospel song on repeat this morning...'we all fall down' by donnie mcclurkinThe words ' a saint is just a sinner who fell rise again' resonated in my ears...We all fall down but is it fair for someone to attack us when we are down..?

There is alread a lot of negativity in this world and people have their own individual battles so why the need and the surplus of haters when they are not in the demand?In reference to the recent shootings of a popular dude in Ghana...

Anybody can pick up a gun and take a person life, but it takes a real man to put his fists up go punch for punch with an adversary...

RIP Darren

RIP Osafo..

Victims of ANOTHER bitch move..