Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bronya (Chritsmas) - A very political Pantomine

The festive season has always reminded me of food I mean real food - Plenty chicken beef meat meat and more meat.Childhood memories of this time of year can not be recalled without mentioning the famous Piccadilly biscuits , Belgian canned biscuits or the favorite/terror of children Amasi (masqueraders) who troop into town in groups to terrorize petrified kids.Then There is Family and the hundreds of cousins some of which you have never met, As you grow the import(enjoyment) of the festive season may lift - after all the pot bellied uncles no longer doth you with money - or you no longer get presents if you ever got some that is? Plus no one really cares about the decorations anyway if they are finally put up two day before the C- Day it means they will not come of until somewhere in March after Mummy has screamed a thousand times.Do you remember your Bronya atadee (Christmas Dress/Clothes) - The Holy grail of attire that was to be unveiled on that special day - if only everyday was Christmas our churches would continuously look like New York Fashion week after all everyone and their children and children's children wants u to see how fresh they look. At this time of the year we also have to remember those e who don't have and I hope we all do so this year.

Chritmas Interupted - This years Bronya will be a very political affair the Christmas dress has been replace by the political part t- shirt, the fanta has been replaced by political rally pure water (sachet water), jingle bells and co have been usurped by Nana oye winner (Npp political song) and Yeresesamu(we are changing things - the Ndc Song, Sermons of good tidings and peace have becomes sermons of peace and hope.The children's class of 2008 are quite and unfortunate bunch their Christmas will not be the usual affair after all Ghana has an Election run-off on the 28th December.

I wonder who Papa Bronya (Santa) will be voting for - I hope he votes wisely as for me the can only be one choice after all it will be a new year soon - Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year in Advance