Monday, April 30, 2007

Iraq or Nigeria

My mate William asked me this question at work today.

Lets say u were wrongly accused of a crime and had 2 spend 5 years in prison. You had a choice of serving ur time in the worst prison in Nigeria or the most notorious prison in Iraq. Which one u choose?
I choose Iraq for some funny reason it felt safer with the Americans and Brits there and all.

This was his response:
Really? Even tho u don’t speak the language and they would probably take u for a westerner because u are black?

Which would your choose.

By the way after all that this is what he choose:
Well one is just a rough country and the other is a fully fledged war zone so for obvious reasons


Speaking of prisons the battle over the flesh and sin is fought in the mind, break away from your mental slavery.
Peace and thanks for passing by.

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