Monday, April 30, 2007

Since I changed my profile picture I thought I would prove once and for all that AFRI CANS can SWIM.
Even if its with the aid of a compressed gas tank and a professional holding your hands sometimes.
Any who check it out. A childhood dream come true in the deep waters of Turkey. Yeah and don't want the middle finger I seem to have lost my will power under water, whatever gesture the guide told me to do I followed like a fool. Ah well. ohh almost forgot, the special lady in the pic lookin all scared is Lazenya my other half.

can anyone guess why they were coming so close?

P.S Gods love can go deeper than any ocean and if you feel your a too deep in sin and away from him, rejoice for he will find you. I would rather get deep into God's love than the love of the World.


Kojo said...

jnr i love your blog..kinda surprised me that you went scuba diving big ups

lorraine said...

u want to scuba dive too!

lorraine said...

i meant 'me'