Monday, April 30, 2012

Saga of the returnee part 2 - Ghana Decides

It’s Monday 30th April and I am sitting in a hot internet cafe in Accra surrounded by 419 boys (internet fraud) and the ac isn't really working but the windows are closed. My journey from London to Ghana via Lisbon was long as we were delayed for a day in Portugal as TAP Portugal could not find a co-pilot (worst excuse ever) but at least the hotel they put us in was nice.

It feels great to be back home and I loved the way the African humidity slapped my face when I left the plane at Kotoka International Airport.

As soon as I got of the plane I touched the ground with my hand to the bemusement of some of the airport attendants, but who cares there is something about African soil that brings out weird rituals in people and this just happens to be mine.

I am welcomed home in typical Ghana time as brother got my arrival time mixed up as Ghana is an hour behind hence I was left waiting at arrivals for 30 minutes before I got picked up.

As usual Accra is hot and buzzing even at 9 pm on a Sunday. I got home and the AC in my room was not fixed - no surprise here as my mum had warned me that there had been low voltage and frequent power cuts lately, hence there was no use in fixing it. It seems all was conspiring against me as I was attacked by a roach as I tried to unpack - and yes I screamed a bit as it fluttered about but in the end the bottom of my slippers prevailed. 

Then the power socket in my room decided to go on sabbatical - wow my first night back without an AC or fan. Luckily for me after harassing the switch for a while it decided to work and I was back to enjoy my first night back in the humid heat. I am not complaining at least the killer mosquitoes spared me last night; I am guessing it just a temporary reprise and tonight will be a different story.

So why have I moved back to Ghana despite all these hustles? Not only is Ghana home, the sun makes me happy, the people are alive and smiles are free, Ghana in also sailing on the back of the African renaissance. 
You might not be aware but Africa is on its way up especially in the field of technology and this is where my path collides with the Ghana Decides project. 

Tomorrow I begin work as a Social Media Coordinator for Ghana Decides a non-partisan project , which “aims to foster a better informed electorate for free, fair and safe 2012 Elections using online social media tools.” It’s an initiative under GhanaBlogging, which itself is a membership-based platform to connect bloggers both in and outside of Ghana who write about the country. I have been a member of the Ghana Blogging community since its inception and I am extremely excited and honoured to be utilising my digital media and design work experience on a project that will positively impact the future of Ghana and Africa social media terrain.

If you would like to follow my adventures in Ghana then follow this blog and my twitter account here: @sirboateng


Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

Welcome back to the motherland...
I can imagine how happy you're to be back to Ogyakrom. We can't wait to hear about the awesome ideas you have towards this project. Look forward to more from you on this blog.

Kajsa said...

Welcome back, Kwabena, we are happy to have you TOUCH African soil again :-)