Saturday, August 09, 2008

Link to T-shirt Pictures

The link to the shirt pictures taking at a tour of ''kofi Boateng's (the face of Kayobi) crib are not showing so click here
is a link

First Shirt released by Kayobi Clothing
Shirt title:Piece (Peace) in Africa
Aim:Anti war/Anti Guns/Striving for African Peace through Art and Fashion
Inspired by:Mozambique turns arms into art
Mozambican artists have decommissioned weapons in a graphic way, taking them apart and using the remains to make a range of novel and eloquent sculptures

More info on design: the word piece (peace) was not misspelled but intentional and is a play on words.
the illegal trafficking of drugs and guns firearm, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, carbine, automatic, handgun, semiautomatic, machine gun, Uzi; weapon; informal PIECE, gat, heater

check out the link -
more pics at or

shirts going for 15 -18 Ghana Cedis /Dollars
Holla @ kob 0206438052

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Candie Cayne said...

Hey. I checked out ur design. I like it. Problem is, we can't really see it that well tho. I found myself looking at ur bro instead of the design. What I suggest you do is take a close up pic of the design..jus the design. We all know what a shirt looks like...its the design is whats gonna sell. I do like what I see so far though (although not much).

Candie Cayne said...

"although not much" meaning i haven't seen much of the design...not that i don't like it. Jus wanted to clarify that. keep up the great work.

KOB said...

Hi shay sorry about the image - my internet was messing up.Thanks for your comments. i have uploaded an image of just the design and i hope to add more pictures of different colors and sizes soon.