Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ghana Life ft. Christie Brown Couture Launch

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Here are snapshots of typical weeks in Accra
Order of Pictures
1)Some ones house nearly gets burnt because the house boy lit a fire next to tractor tires
2)Suiting up for an interview
3)Thunderstorm Storm African Style
4)Launch of Christie Brown Clothing Line by Aisha
5)Fam at home
6)Bringing little bro from school/Accra bats



blackstone said...

great pictures!

KOB said...

thanks for ur comments bro

Ghanagirl said...

Hey keep it up. I luv ya blog. hope to read more

Ghanagirl said...

i like your blog and pictures. hope to read more. keep it up

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hello fellow Ghana-blogger, just ran into your blog today when I was looking for some fun jokes. where do you find them all?

If you want tcheck out my blog Rain in Africa. Good luck with your new company!