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Sorry folks it has taken a while for me to put up this post I been busy and work and trying to restructure my life to make it more Christ like - its hard getting rid of the secret sins in your life but through Christ I know I will be VICTORIOUS.

OK enough about my life lets talks concerts.( you can click on pictures for full image)
Last week Friday (6:20) I found my self in the heartland of East London not quite sure what to anticipate from relative newcomers to UK Gospel Hip-Hop scene but I was definitely looking forward to performances from 4 kornerz (GRADUATES) andCommision (2nd Year undergrads).


The was a lengthy wait at the KICC reception during which time Igot familiar with what G-FORCE were about with the aid of Gospel Link MagazineGL which featured the group on last months cover. To be honest with you I did not know much about this group, it was a free concert and you know how our folks love FREENESS. The article was aight;I found out that G- Force was short for God's Force and that a member of the group was the son of Pastor Ashimolowo. This obviously tainted my perception of the group (were they rally good) or were they just jumping on the band wagon of a famous Pastor and Church, soon all this was revealed when the doors were open (7:20) leading to a scramblefor seats by teenagers (mostly female). One impressive thing about the function was the large input of youth in ushering and in the helping of setting up the stage etc - obviouslythe church's ministry was doing a good job in engaging this age group.


The MC
At 8:00 pm on the dot the MC or if you will compeer took the stage which was aptly designed to reflect a construction site, hence keeping with the G-FORCE album title DESTROY (flesh) and REBUILD (through CHRIST).

Unknown to me the MC was Simply Andy a fellow Ghana man who definitely brought the house down with his quick with and commentary about AFRICANS. He also made me more comfortable (joke) in an environment that resembled little NIJAFEST.

Church on Fire
Fist to storm the stage were the ever talented4 Kornerz, and boy did these Nija Boys keep it real with a three piece set which was full of sick instrumentation, genuine praise hyped up energy and true showmanship coupled with on point voices, that definitely left the punters crying out for more(definitely cop the album). I will just let the PICS speak for themselves.

(Who can spot SIMPLY ANDY)

Up next were a group of young folks by the name of AMBASSODORS with an excellent ministry of spreading the gospel through dance and they definitely brought it. (Keep it up)

During the intermission I gathered some courage and approached two (Vidal - drums) and (Daniel - Vocals) of the 4 brothers from 4kornerz(Deji - Lead Singerand TJ - Key, Vocals and Production) for a quick word about their music and ministry and what a pleasant surprise they were.
These guys were pleasant and told me that the focal point of their music was to spread their music and most importantly the Gospel to all Four Corners of the World.
They reaffirmed their commitment to continue making and performing music full time. I wish them the best. If you get a chance to see them live please do, becausethey are serious.

the Main Event
G-Force took the stage after the intermission to the delight of their numerous fans
Dressed in full construction gear they invaded the staged with a full band who tore it up) and three vocalist who at times outshone the group. They definitely delivered what their fans wanted - gritty track with continuousflows full of metaphors and numerous punch lines galores.These guys definitely had energy and some 'street' decent track but I wasnt sure their music was top notch until after a wardrobe change into suits (quite professional) during which time Mark Asari and the band entertained the masses with his smooth voice.
Mark Asari performing 

A suited G-force came back on stage to deliver a Mark Asari produced track by the name of LOVE.

These tracks was definitely top notch well produced and biblically sound in putting forward the message of relationships and love in Gods eyes without sounding cheesy and the ladies definitely loved it.

After the slow down an up-tempo end to the night was definitelyrequired and G-Force did not disappoint, with the help of one part of Commission Tope Icie, Faith Child, Victizzle (affiliate and producer) dropped a serious track called COALITION CHECK IT OUT . The place was definitely HYPED

With more Bangers from their album they goy everyoneon their feet and dancing

Andy Bussin some MOVES

The night was finished of in Prayer and I got a quick word with Mark Asari, Simply Andy and Commissions Tope Icie, unfortunately I could not speak to G-FORCE. After going through their security (friends) and asking a church usher I was told to join the line for people buying CD's. Here Iwas told that since I was told that I could not have quick word because they were busy, I persisted and got to the table where I asked Once of the group if I could have a quick word, he was not impressed and asked me where I had come from I told him Manor House and he replied they could not speak to me.
So all I got was some picks of G- FORCE selling CDS

Mark Asari
I felt this young man was humble and has a bright future his performance on the night was 'live' and judgingfrom speaking with him if he puts his eyes on God he should go far.

Tope Icie One part of Commission Tope also seemed like a cool dude with his focus on spreading the word of God. He told me his brother was at Uni and he was holding the fort for the day. He stated that thegroup was created in 2004 and currently had their EP out and are slowing down to put character before their music and to grow spiritually. Watch out for a DVD soon.

Last but not least Simply ANDY This brother id down to earth and a jack of all trades building a t-shirt empire of the back of his sick track BIBLES BIBLES DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREEEEEEEEE.
He brought down the house withhis jokes and is on a mission to bring light hearted side to Gospel Hip-Hop. Keep your eyes peeled for Andrew Kwabena Apraku and his fiancé (manager) for better things in the future.


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