Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thought for the day

As a christian I have my flaws and struggles with the flesh, sometimes I fall but I have come to the conclusion that Christ has paid the price and if i believe that his blood truly washed away my sins then I should be able to ask for forgiveness, repent and most importantly forgive myself.When you fall get up and brush the dirt of your shoulder - move on and forget about the past.Learn from your mistakes (easier said done done).

So many of us find it hard to forgive ourselves for or shortcomings in Gods eyes.
But God does not hold a grudge.

Why would God give as another day to live just after we have sinned?
Because he believes in another chance for us.

He knows our future with him is greater than our past without him.

He wants us to be renewed.

Everyday we wake up and take a breath it is God saying Kwabena (put your name here) its a new day today,yesterday you fornicated, stole, killed, cheated, coveted and sinned against me, BUT today is new day and my Grace and Blood has washed you, so pick up your weapons (BIBLE) and run a GOOD race. You cant give up as long as you breath you must always come back to me when you fail.I will Always love you.


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