Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crazy Day in Parliament


Yep I made it, I got my lazy ass out of Bed and got to work on time. The chap who kind of supervises us was on holiday so the office was being run by myself and Micheal an IRISH confused, irritable though good person, Labour party faithful, conservative party hater and most importantly as he puts it himself a TONY lover (for those who don't know that is our own uncle tony BLAIR). As the saying goes or so , when the wolf goes away the chicks come to play and boy did he want to play today - more like be the boss and the MP that he is in his mind by trying to delegate to me - what a goat i had to control myself and shut him down quick time or else the office my acerbic retorts might have set the office on fire.

Watch out for this guy one day he will back stab
other politicians

Anyway that was not the highlight of the day ...;.......Something crazy always happens in the corridors of power but today was a bit of an exception, the madness wasn't outside our door today but outside our window. Our office is on parliament street and in fact is number 1 parliament street so u can imagine the noise that filters through the windows when there are demonstrations - to days special was served in the form of some folks from SOMALI LAND

Small gathering of Somalians after protest in front of No 1 Parliament Street!
WE share the office with the staff of Bristol MP Kerry McCarthy who's constituency has a large population of Somalians. She went down to Parliament square to lend her support and when she returned boy did she have a story to tell.

A mundane trip to 'show her face' was transformed into an extraordinary event by former World Boxing Champion, BRITAIN'S one and only black eccentric and Boxer MR CHRIS EUBANK. Whilst in the office what sound like a loud continuous horns from a truck was simply written off as part of the the protest. However upon Kerry McCarthy's return to the office we were enlightened that Mr Eubank had instigated a protest of his own and utilised his monster 32ft Truck with a banner protesting the eminent sending of prince Harry to IRAQ. He speed up and down the road until he felt it was time for an encore, like any man used to applause Mr Eubank simply had to hijack the Somali protest, with one crazy move he stops his truck in literally in the middle of the city right on the main street outside TONY's crib and runs into the 100 or so protesters who gladly rewarded with applause and cheers for his cameo role.The bemused crowd simply went on with the charade without even knowing who he was until the 'KOTI' - POLICE came for him. The whole story just cracks me up so much considering this is not the first time he has pulled something like this off... See below for link to video and articles.

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